What a difference an eclipse makes
18th March 2015
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It’s amazing to look back and see what a long way Devon’s Air Ambulances have come since then.  In fact, back in 1999 there was just one Bolkow helicopter to cover the whole county.


Now Devon has two state of the art EC135 helicopters, flying up to 14 hours a day, daylight allowing, with flying until midnight from early next year a reality. None of this would be possible without the amazing support of the community as a whole.


Caroline Creer, Fundraising Director said “I was working for the Charity back in 1999 and remember the excitement of the eclipse.  Our crew was extremely busy on that day, flying 11 missions, with over half of these being to Dartmoor due to falls.  Our crew were actually at Haytor when darkness fell.”


Extending flying hours during the summer, where daylight allows, has highlighted what a difference even just a few more hours in the evening will make.  After all, people don’t stop getting ill or having accidents just because it gets dark.


Inevitably, extending the service has a cost implication. The first phase of the ‘Help us make night time flight time’ campaign is to raise awareness of future plans and encourage supporters to find out a bit more about how and why we are doing it and how they can help us make night time flight time.


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