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Christmas revellers who get into a spot of bother will be able to take advantage of a Help Zone in Exeter city centre next Friday (20 December).
A service, which last year prevented 800 women becoming ‘silent victims’, has been saved from closure with an emergency grant from Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg.
The controversy surrounding the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ building in London has highlighted the danger of the sun’s rays reflecting off surfaces and become a potential ignition source. The high-profile skyscraper under construction in Fernchurch Street was blamed for damage caused to parked cars, including a Jaguar, when sunlight reflected from its windows melted parts of the vehicles
Am I Insured?
Am I Insured?
Am I insured when I am at a networking event
Storm advice
A breakdown of the different types of car insurance
The Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries visited a Devon college last week to show his support for the clean-up of English rivers.
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