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Paignton Zoo’s fire-breathing dragon
Paignton Zoo’s fire-breathing dragon
A dragon at Paignton Zoo in Devon has been photographed breathing fire.
It’s believed to be the first time a Komodo dragon has been pictured breathing fire in a zoo. Frustratingly, it comes at a time... View post
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The UK’s biggest commercial national and regional news publisher today launched a new initiative aimed at supporting the UK's local business community throughout the COVID-19 crisis.
Let’s forget all the craziness going on at the moment and celebrate that it is now officially Spring! The sun is out and how long have we been waiting for that?!
Time Critical Transport launches ‘COVID-19 Rapid Response Logistics Support’ To help ‘plug the gap’ in the face of medical deliveries and logistics challenges
So, I am a Virtual Assistant and writing this as Covid-19 is really getting to grips with the UK and there is no doubt that we are facing challenging times that are completely unknown to us as it could not be predicted or prepared for.
District council bosses have outlined the need to work together in order to meet the demands created by the coronavirus outbreak.
Our NHS teams are working through a crisis of severity that we've never seen before & every day I'm hearing stories of incredible work. But the fact that we're walking further into the unknown is causing acute personal stress
Whether you’ve been one of those that have succumbed to the panic buying and have more loo rolls in your house than space to store them all, or you’re getting on with your day to day life in as normal way possible, the reality is COVID-19 is creating a lot of uncertainty for local businesses and customers alike.
It is with heavy hearts that Exmouth Town Council must announce that their 2020 Festival which was due to take place from 22-25 May, will be cancelled.
The world’s number one selling brand in home pregnancy and fertility tests has donated pregnancy kits – for orang utans.
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