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With bright yellow spots, remarkable eyes and the ability to breath underwater using their own personal air supply, the sunburst diving beetle is a fascinating addition to the zoological collection at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park.
Zoo animals are always moved with great care and caution – especially when they have a large mouth full of sharp teeth.
A Rothschild’s giraffe has been born at Paignton Zoo. The calf was born to mother Sangha at about 2.30pm on Thursday 28th May, in the middle of a busy half term afternoon.
Bicton College students and their four-legged friends are pleased to be moving to their new dog grooming centre on the East Budleigh campus this month.
Students from Bicton College in Devon have recently been awarded the CQ Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (DipVN).
Whether you are organising a display for your friends, family or the general public the storage, handling and use of fireworks must be done with the utmost care.
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