So, what uses are there for infrared heating?
17th September 2015
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  1. Complete heating solutions - In new builds or where replacement heating solutions are required and where the expense of installing any form of boiler can be outweighed by using affordable energy efficient electric heating
  2. Transitional heating – In homes or offices where the existing heating system is old or not effective enough, adding a few infrared heaters will make an immediate improvement
  3. Sectional heating – Where you want to heat part of a room or have one part of the room warmer than another part.
  4. Additional heating – where you need some additional heating where for example you have extended the house but the current boiler is not big enough to heat the house with the extension, or where you maybe work from home and need just one room warmed up and don’t want to heat the whole house.


These are just some examples of where infrared heating can benefit you and your heating requirements.


Consider asking us for a quote if you need a complete heating solution, or if you require sectional heating in an office or home, or if you work from home and just need one room heated. You will be surprised at how easy they are to install and how little energy they use to provide a nice all round comfortable heating.


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