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27th October 2015
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With the world going green, and renewable energy being at the forefront of the world going green it is easy to think that we are doing our bit if we get solar panels or we sign up to a green electricity tariff that uses wind turbine technology but do we then change our habits. The production of green energy is only one side of the coin. It’s not all about renewables!


Why’s that I hear you ask, well do you change your energy habits? Do you turn off the lights as you leave a room? Do you remember to turn the thermostat down on your heating system when you go out? Do you fill the kettle to the brim when making just one cup of tea? I am sure there are many more examples like leaving your TV on standby!


These habits use an enormous amount of energy, and wasteful energy at that, so if we as a country are putting up huge solar farms and huge wind farms, investing in wave energy and the like, and we continue to be wasteful with it, we find ourselves as a country spending more than we need to generate the power in the first place.


Here at Multiheat, we work with customers on the other side of the consumer board (this is the fuse board where all of the electricity comes in from the outside and goes out to power our appliances in the home) in the house, the outside is where energy is generated, indoors is where we use that energy. Our aim is to save you energy in the house, or office, or factory, or workplace, by using our energy efficient electric heating systems, where we could halve the amount of electricity required to heat your home, that’s quite a big saving.


Give us a call on 01392 826092 to find out more, or visit us this coming Sunday, 1st November at the 361 Energy Fair in the Barnstaple Pannier Market.

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