Infrared heating.. lets tell you if you didn't know
14th February 2017
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Far infrared revolutionises the way we think about heating buildings. Infrared warms people directly, it is energy which turns to heat upon touching an object or person, similar to gentle sunshine on a winters day, the warmed thermal mass of the room generates warmth to heat the air, which stays warm for longer, the warmed thermal mass feels comfortable even though the air temperature may be lower than what we traditionally might expect. Electric heating is easy to install by any good on site electrician, no specialist knowledge is required, however it is important to site the heaters centrally or to best advantage, (imagine the panel is giving off invisible light rather than simply circulating hot air). Electric infrared heating panels offer a very affordable heating solution which requires no building work or additional space, they require no maintenance either. Electric heating can be controlled room by room by simple thermostatic programmers or by smart controls, giving the user the ability to save further on their energy bills. Infrared heating is energy efficient to run due to the way in which it warms the thermal mass and people directly, so very little energy is required, therefore heaters are affordable to run. Typically, panel heaters vary from as little 300 watts to 800 watts, and for larger rooms a number of heaters would be required to evenly provide infrared energy across the whole space. A good general starting point is 50 watts per square meter. Multiheat will also be having a stand at the South West Home and Garden Show at Westpoint on the 8th and 9th April Where we will have a mirror heater on display for people to feel infrared warmth for themselves – this mirror looks like any other big bathroom mirror but it will heat the whole bathroom! Or office, bedroom, or hallway.

Multiheat will also be having a stand at the South West Home and Garden Show at Westpoint on the 8th and 9th April Click here to see more.

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