Have you turned the heating on yet?
4th September 2015
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You may well say, that we didn’t have a summer this year and today is no different from last week, and of course you would be right, it was an awful summer wasn’t it?


However, we are getting closer to winter and Christmas cards are already in the shops, X-factor has started with a view to getting the winner to number one at Christmas, so it really must be getting closer. So, have you turned the heating on? Are you already thinking about getting your boiler serviced, or are you thinking, I really must get the heating fixed before it starts to turn cold.


Have you considered infrared heaters? They are an energy efficient electric heating system, and are available here in Exeter, Devon through Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd. Infrared heating panels can be used to heat the whole house, or just a single room, they can heat a garden room, a garage extension, or can be turned into a portable heater for moving from room to room.


A 350 watt panel, on feet, can be moved around from room to room and can keep you warm whilst you work at the kitchen table or whilst you are watching TV in the living room, without turning the central heating on. The 350 watt panel will use about a unit of electricity every three hours, compare that to the little cheap fan heater that uses one or two units every hour. The 350 watt infrared panel heater will soon save you money.


Call us on 01392 300 140 to find out more.

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