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We are wellbeing, performance and business coaches based near Eastbourne but covering the UK. Not only do we care about your staff but we work with you to make sure they are more productive and any coaching we give correlates to your bottom line and therefore gives you a significant return on your investment.

All employers have a legal duty to protect a workforce larger than 5 people by doing a risk assessment and acting on it.

If we were to show you a way to get:

  • Twice the net profit
  • 2.5 times the revenue growth
  • 12% higher customer satisfaction
  • 59% more innovation and creativity – essential for business success in today's ecology
  • 25% higher productivity
  • 40% lower employee turnover
  • 35% more efficiency
  • 38% fewer accidents – downtime

What would you say worth a chat and a cup of coffee?

If we also told you we could help with your staffs engagement , their absenteeism, their contribution to the team, their happiness in the workplace, their performance and mental well-being as well as the above would that be worth an hour of your time?

We can show you a significant return on investment with one no pressure conversation.

Once we have determined the needs and issues within your organisation and or teams/groups/individuals and costed the risks associated with leaving them unaddressed, we will offer proven tailored solutions that will put you back on track whilst delivering an improved, happier more colligate, safer and compliant working environment and where your people are engaged, present and out stripping their previous performance.

Stronger more resilient, more passionate, creative and innovative efficient and effective – in short, focused and at their best!

Our solutions

We come from corporate and public sector backgrounds and so we understand that uplifting capability needs to be as holistic as possible but that an eye on your return on your investment in in your people is also key.

Our solutions provide the possibility of holistic interventions and initiatives all from one place including Neuroscience based coaching.

Competency and confidence in your people is so necessary in all their roles so we provide a doorway to tool kit where a large number of the interventions that you need are packaged, giving ongoing lasting value and peak performance.

What is Neuroscience Coaching?

Neuroscience is the study of how the nervous system and brain works.

Neuroscience Coaching can reprogram the brain to enable the individual to conquer whatever fears they are facing, rather than just using a temporary coping strategy.

New advances in the field of neuroscience help us unravel the physiology of leadership effectiveness. Enter NeuroLeadership, a term coined by David Rock, CEO The NeuroLeadership Institute.

NeuroLeadership focuses on applying neuroscience to leadership development, management training, change management education and consulting. It will improve leadership practices, innovation, creativity and employee engagement. 

Through Neuro reprograming a leader can learn to think creatively, take good decisions, improve their performance, resilience and the ability to deal with complexity. NeuroLearners are supported with a series of coaching techniques so that everyone can become self-determining and in charge of their emotions and outcomes.

It is powerful and you’ll see very quick results to ensure you are ahead of the curve


Reduce the 5 P’s – CLICK HERE and this takes us to the About US  page which shows

Presenteeism – Your employees turning up but RIP – Retired in Post

Productivity – Employees on Go Slow due to being defocussed and mentally challenged

Poor Attendance – Duvet days and Sickness Absence through stress and ill health

Potential Retention of staff – Loosing Key Critical Employees due to lack of Employee Engagement

Problems with Litigation – Poor decision making, lack of Compliance, higher Accident rates

Want to know more? Contact us via email or calls us on 01424 236900

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