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Liam has become an integral part of my consultancy. He gets my voice, my message, my style, my market. I trust him completely. I still occasionally edit some of what he writes - but less and less. (For somebody whose business is words - that’s quite a statement.) He’s motivated and doesn’t need supervision - so find some other bod if you’re a dinosaur micro-manager. Technically: check out my website and see for yourself. I currently have over 20 key words or phrases on page ONE! of Google. His time is finite - put him on retainer. He’s worth it.
We've only very recently worked with Liam on some holding page website work while we start our business again post-COVID. We love his clear, no-nonsense approach to writing, a refreshing writing style that gets to the point as quickly as possible without the fluff.
With Liams advice I went from being a wannabe behind a camera, underselling myself and competing on Facebook for tiny jobs to my current role, in-house at digital agency. He got me to finally knuckle down and shift my focus from Facebook to emailing businesses that might need photos (and who had a budget). His cold email training and the simple templates he wrote for me helped me get my very first gig, the same client who hired me for this role. I cannot thank Liam enough for this advice and handy little emails. Thank you.
Hi Liam - here's a quick review for you. Liam helped write some copy for a new product we began using back in 2013, Strawberry Laser Lipo. We've used him several times since then despite being right at the opposite end of the country! He's quick, easy to work with, and (sorry Liam) probably too cheap. Whenever we need some copywriting work done for my wife's spa he's there.
We've worked with Liam for a while now - most recently on some marketing work for our new hair and beauty salon in Bexhill. He's got some great ideas when it comes online marketing and, through both his copywriting work and SEO work for our website - he's helped us to rank our brand new website on page 1 of Google in a matter of weeks. We would recommend working with Liam on whatever copywriting or marketing project you have in mind.
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