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Bowen Therapy is a powerful treatment that can relieve many long or short term conditions. Through gentle moves on soft tissue at a series of key points on the body, it stimulates an energy flow which releases tension, strains and blockages, empowering the body's own resources to naturally re-balance and heal itself.
Can you explain what Bowen Therapy is?
It’s a very gentle muscle release therapy that can be applied through light clothing. It is non-invasive and can be used to treat many conditions including arthritis, respiratory problems and joint pain.
Do you think Alternative Therapies will ever be taken seriously?
Absolutely. It wasn’t that long ago that Osteopaths were in the same boat that I’m in today. Nobody had heard of them. Now they are part of the establishment, and there’s at least one in every town. We are conditioned from cradle to grave to go to the GP whatever is wrong with us. And I’m not suggesting that is not right, only that in many cases, there are alternatives that can be explored. It will take a long time for us to accept that although medicine brings help to millions of sufferers, pharmaceutical companies don’t have all the answers. I read recently that more GPs are looking towards holistic remedies for certain complaints, simply because the alternative of a lifetime on medication can be unacceptable; sometimes the side effects are worse than the original complaint.
So, are there no side effects from a Bowen treatment?
Sometimes the client may feel tired and dehydrated the day after the treatment. But there can be positive side effects. Quite often clients come to me for the thing that is uppermost in their minds, forgetting to tell me about another problem which they see as secondary. They often return for the next session and tell me that both problems have improved.
Can you give me an example of that?
Yes, a client came to me suffering from acute shoulder pain. I treated her as normal, and the following week she came for her next treatment and told me that not only was there a big improvement in her shoulder movement, but the pain in her knee that she had learned to live with over a number of years had gone. I had not been aware of her knee problem, but that is the nature of Bowen Therapy, it treats the whole body. Although there are specific moves for some complaints, I always treat the whole body, so that it can make the adjustments necessary to restore itself to health.
You make it sound as if you are not actually curing the problem.
Exactly. I would never claim to effect a cure. What I do is tell the body that there is a problem, and ask it to sort it out. It is a method shared by other holistic therapies, some a good deal older than our current method of ‘curing ‘ the patient by administering drugs and or surgery.
Do clients come to you as well as going to their GP?
Yes they do. And that’s how it should be, but I would like them not to see Bowen as a last resort. I feel that I can often improve a client’s quality of life by helping to reduce pain levels without the use of drugs.
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Visited Nikki again (sixth time) as I have back and neck issues which give me headaches, always feel much better after visiting and highly recommend to anyone who has similar issues.