Top tips for how to measure your room for a new floor?
27th January 2016
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An easy room measuring guide

Measuring a room or flooring can seem daunting for people like you who may not have done it before. However, this guide will give you some top tips for measuring your flooring.

What will I need?

-          Pen/Pencil

-          Paper

-          Tape Measure

-          Calculator

Looking to replace your carpet?


  1. Measure your room width and length ways at its widest point – making sure you remember any bay windows or door entrances.
  2. Add 10cm on all widths and lengths to allow room for cutting throughout your installation.
  3. Check the width of the room is less than the width of the carpet you are buying.

Hall/Stairs and Landing

  1. Start by measuring the length and width of the hallway.
  2. When measuring the stairs, it is easiest to measure the first step, taking into account the tread and the riser. Multiply this by the amount of steps.
  3. Then measure your landing.

If you need any more guidance, please contact Victoria Carpets for more information. 

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