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Floor coverings are so much a part of our homes providing comfort and colour to brighten up interior spaces especially during those darker months when most of us need comfort and warmth.
How to Remove Carpet Stains
How to Remove Carpet Stains
Carpet stains are one of the nightmares that carpet owners have to deal with regularly. These stains can range from spilt drinks, crayons from your children’s playtime or mud from your pet’s feet. However, you don’t have to worry as there are a lot of ways that we can do to remove different stains.
Carpet flooring is one of the most traditional flooring choices among different households. It is also a popular choice, especially when the winter season comes rolling in. if you currently don’t have carpeted floors and you start to feel the chill of winter. This might be the perfect time for you to make that snuggly switch. Here are the other benefits of carpeted flooring aside form feeling and looking posh living room.
Carpet Vs Wooden Flooring
Carpet Vs Wooden Flooring
Flooring is one of the biggest part of our home as it actually covers your whole house. Choosing the right material to use for flooring can be quite stressful and confusing especially if you don’t know which is better or could be maintained for a long time.
Here are a few tips to consider for the perfect flooring for your home...
What are the benefits of installing wooden flooring into your home?
Are you looking to change your carpet or flooring at home? The first step would be the measure the floor space you are looking at replacing to get an idea of what would fit in the space and how much flooring you will need.
Life is full of choices and going out for a cup of tea or coffee is no exception these days. In the past we’d literally be presented with the two way choice of either tea or coffee, but now there’s so many options with espresso, cappuccino, latte and teas in multiple flavours, also would you like that hot or as an ice drink?
According to Alistair Booth, a leading HR consultant and owner of the HR Booth in Fife, studies indicate that the majority of both men and women prefer working with members of the same sex.
Hogmanay in Dundee
Hogmanay in Dundee
Dundee might not have its own Hogmanay street party yet, but that’s not to say you’d better stay home! On the contrary, there’s some fantastic events planned for New Year’s Eve in the City of Discovery!
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