Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus – Gender Diversity in the Workplace
10th December 2014
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According to Alistair Booth, a leading HR consultant and owner of the HR Booth in Fife, studies indicate that the majority of both men and women prefer working with members of the same sex. And yet, it has been proven that single-sex workplaces lack the productivity that gender diverse workplaces encompass.

The Benefits of Having a Gender Diverse Workplace

- Increased productivity levels

- Higher performance levels

- Increased, collaborative problem solving capacity

- The ability to serve a diverse customer base with differing needs and wants

- Positive brand awareness

- Attracts a larger talent pool

Tackling a Lack of Gender Diversity in the Workplace

1. Identify the departments in your workplace which lack gender diversity and then develop a recruitment strategy which will increase diversity within the departments. However – please remember that recruitment and promotion must be carried out fairly. Do not hire men or women in a department simply to fill up a ‘gender diversity’ quota. Hire based on merit and try to select the best candidates for the job – no matter what their gender, age, religion, political beliefs or background might be. Need some help with the recruitment and selection process? Give the HR Booth a call today on 0844 842 7730.

2. If the teams in your workplace tend to be same-sex and/or the same people prefer working together at all times, try mixing things up now and then! Why not plan a team building activity and deliberately place employees with those they don’t usually work with. The day could prove to be lots of fun and is an opportunity for everyone to get out of the office and do something different!

3. Despite the Equal Pay Act having been in force for over four decades, women in management positions are still earning up to 35% less than their male counterparts. In addition to this gap in salary, women are also less likely to be promoted to positions of responsibility. There is a dearth of women working at boardroom level and this has to change. If you are an employer and you are reading this, please ensure that the women in your workplace are being paid the same amount of money as the men in your organisation and vice versa (if they share the same responsibilities in their role). And remember, opportunities for workplace progression should be available to ALL those who work hard and earn their right to be promoted.

If you require more information about any of the issues discussed above, or have a specific gender diversity issue to resolve in your workplace, please get in touch with the HR Booth today. 

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