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Carpet Vs Wooden Flooring
Carpet Vs Wooden Flooring
Flooring is one of the biggest part of our home as it actually covers your whole house. Choosing the right material to use for flooring can be quite stressful and confusing especially if you don’t know which is better or could be maintained for a long time.
Here are a few tips to consider for the perfect flooring for your home...
What are the benefits of installing wooden flooring into your home?
Are you looking to change your carpet or flooring at home? The first step would be the measure the floor space you are looking at replacing to get an idea of what would fit in the space and how much flooring you will need.
Life is full of choices and going out for a cup of tea or coffee is no exception these days. In the past we’d literally be presented with the two way choice of either tea or coffee, but now there’s so many options with espresso, cappuccino, latte and teas in multiple flavours, also would you like that hot or as an ice drink?
The temperature dropped this week, didn’t it? Autumn is well and truly here and winter will soon be on the way. Time to put the heating on and dig out some slippers!
Are your carpets looking a little tired? When the time comes for your old carpets to be replaced, Victoria Carpets in Dundee has a range of carpets and flooring for you to choose from, which come in a wide variety of textures and shades.
Must Love Dogs
Must Love Dogs
The great Mark Twain once said “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man’s”.
If there’s one person we too often forget to thank, it’s our mums.
Curtains and blinds made to measure by local family run business
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