Carpet Vs Wooden Flooring
19th August 2016
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In today’s home construction, the two most popular choice for flooring is carpet and hardwood flooring. If you’re unsure which of these is the perfect choice for you, then read on. We will run down the advantages and disadvantages of both flooring materials so you will be able to decide without any doubt that you had made the right choice. Let’s get started!



It known to be warm and soft making us feel easily at home when we first step our feet into our house after a long day’s work. iIt can soothe our tired feet and can be much safer for our little children as it can serve as a cushion that lessen or break a fall should an accident happens in your home.

Can serve as an insulation during cold weather or winter and acts like a feet blanket that keeps the heat inside your home and preventing it from seeping out through your doors or window cracks.

It is considered to be more cost effective than hardwood flooring as it life can be prolonged with proper maintenance and care.

Having carpet flooring won’t disturb anyone who’s sleeping as it can lessen or eliminate the sound produced when walking on it.


Can collect dusts or dirt which can cause allergic reaction to people who suffer from this kind of allergy

Easily stained by children or careless actions which can be simply wiped off with hardwood.

Carpets that has patterns and designs tend to be pickier when it comes to complementing home decors. You might end up purchasing a whole new sofa set to match your carpets.

Hardwood flooring


Its classic look never goes out of style and goes well with almost any décor making it easier for you to style the room.

Easier to clean than carpet that mostly requires vacuum cleaner. As per hardwood, a simple cloth can be enough to clean it and make it shine again with its luxurious vibe.

Can be easily repaired (refinished) if it needs a refreshing new coat of color



Much pricier than installing carpets

It can expand if exposed to high humidity thus making it ‘rise’ from its base.

Sensitive to temperature and can be affected by hot water heaters, washer leaks, bathroom and splinter.

It’s pretty loud when you walk on it. Your shoes can hit the hardwood while you’re walking which is annoying for some.

Choosing between carpeting or hardwood floors actually rely on the homeowner’s preference. Both have good and bad points and it’s up to you which will better suits your needs. If you need any help in professionally installing your flooring, you can always call Victoria Carpets and they will do all the job for you. You can be rest assured that your home is in good hands as they already have years of experience for this kind of business. 

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