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Portugal is an ancient see faring nation with a very long coastline. With the Atlantic Ocean along its western coast fine seafood is enjoyed by Portuguese people and their many visitors. Portuguese cuisine is indeed famous for its high quality and rich flavours. Portugal had an Empire stretching around the globe with colonies in Africa, China, India and South America, the people of Brazil speak Portuguese to this day as Brazil was a colony of Portugal.
Autumn season is regarded as the best season for its ‘just right’ climate; not too cold, not too hot. Along with the idealistic weather, many people are starting to prepare for the holidays of Halloween and Christmas. Different family gatherings have started to get rolling and holiday leaves are starting to get filed.
Most European cuisine boasts its sophistication when served in a fine dining place. However, the beauty of Portuguese cuisine is not normally seen in fancy restaurants but in the streets, tavern and pubs.
Father's Day at A Tasca
Father's Day at A Tasca
Celebrate with your Dad this Father's day at A Tasca...
A Portuguese diet can be deemed as quite healthy! From the grilled fish to fresh salads, most of the dishes are on the healthier side of life!
When going out for a Portuguese style meal it is always important to have the correct wine accompany the food for the ultimate experience!
Portuguese dishes
Portuguese dishes
If you're heading out to a Portuguese restaurant but have never had this type of cuisine before, you may be wondering what sort of dishes you'll find on the menu. Here are just a few traditional Portuguese dishes.
Each country has its own dishes and for some, especially the unadventurous, trying something new can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what kind of ingredients are favoured by a certain cuisine.
Yes it's here a great new recipe for the famous Scotch Pie.
Somewhere new to eat out in Corby
Somewhere new to eat out in Corby
The Manor House on Cottingham Road in Corby is opening its doors this month to begin its new life as a state-of-the-art training restaurant.
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