A guide to common ingredients and dishes in Portuguese cuisine
14th January 2015
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If you love fish you’ll love Portuguese cuisine as most of their dishes are fish based due to their position with easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. By far their most famous dish is bacalhau, or salted cod, which is eaten throughout Portugal although different areas have different variations on the dish. Other types of fish that are commonly used are sea bass, squid, anchovies, shellfish and sardines.


Pork is probably the most frequently used meat in Portugal and different areas have different specialities when preparing it. Central Portugal seem to favour roast suckling pig while other areas prefer wine marinated pork garnished with clams.


Soup is a stable at meal times and is served at most meals. The soups are often made with the most seasonal meats, fishes and vegetables to make them as fresh as possible. Gaspacho, made with tomatoes, cucumber, onion etc, is the most famous of the Portuguese soups.


Many deserts are rich and are egg based, often spiced with cinnamon and vanilla. Cake is also popular and regional variaties such as rich and sugary cakes with cinnamon flavours are common in the north while the south favours figs and almonds, reflecting the local harvest.

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