Things You Didn’t Know About Portuguese Food,
4th May 2017
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Due to their strong overseas connections commodities such as Cinnamon and Curry have long been a part of Portugal’s legacy and are commonly used in Portuguese food.


A Tasca is our very own Corby based Portuguese Restaurant, they offer a fine selection of traditional cuisine to make dining-out a true taste of Portugal in which authentic food may be enjoyed in the comfortable, stylish and elegant surroundings.


Bacalhau is salted cod. Although it is one of the main ingredients in Portuguese gastronomy, bacalhau is imported from more northern waters because of richer feeding grounds producing a better taste.


Meat is eaten throughout Portugal. There are two areas famous for their meat dishes. The Alentejo is famous for its pork and Trás-os-Montes for its cured meats.

Cozido, is a Portuguese meal with stewed vegetables and different meats, most often pork.

Caldo Verde is a soup usually made with potato, shredded cabbage, and sausage.

Onions and garlic are commonly used along with cloves,

Olives and grapes are commonly grown throughout the Country.

Bread and Cheese are very popular, well know cheese includes Queijo da Serra from the Serra da Estrela mountain range. Queijo de Azeitão, from Azeitão, near Lisbon, is also delicious. Every good restaurant will place a basket of bread on the table, often freshly baked on the premises.


Many Portuguese sweets are a legacy of Moorish occupation, especially in the Algarve.

Portugal is famous for its fortified wines: Port and Madeira. Port comes from the Douro region and Madeira from the island of the same name. These are delightful wines to accompany a meal. The Douro region has become one of the most famous. The Alentejo and Dão regions make great red, white and rosé wines too.

A Tasca is a friendly and welcoming venue that has much to offer every customer, the Team will be happy to advise customers and help them make their choice.

A Tasca Portuguese Restaurant is highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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