A Portuguese healthy food guide!
3rd June 2016
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What kind of Portuguese food is healthy?

Portuguese menus include grilled fish, hearty chicken and olive oil! All of which have great health benefits: low carbohydrates and high protein!

A Portuguese menu can be very healthy, below are some great ideas of Portuguese dishes you could choose for a healthier option:

Lombo de Porco Assado ( Roasted Pork tenderloin) – This is one of the healthier cuts of pork because its leaner. The Portuguese style of cooking would include marinating the pork join in a mixture of herbs and spices.

Pargo Grelhado (Red Snapper & Chickpeas) – Fish is full of great protein and omega oils; both of which have great health benefits.

Frango com Lombardo (Chicken & Cabbage stew) – Now, this isn’t the prettiest looking dish within the Portuguese menu but it is delicious and healthy! If you want to be extra healthy, be sure to have chicken breasts in the stew but you can use chicken drumsticks and remove the skin.

Salmao com Espinafres (Salmon & Spinach) – This is a very healthy meal! Salmon contains the right fat and omega!

Feijoada de Camarao & Vieiras (Shrimp, Scallop and Cannellini bean stew)  - Again, all the right fats and omega in this dish!

As you can see, Portuguese food can be healthy for you. Go and book a table at A Tasca in Corby for a healthy meal out!

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