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We’re quite keen holiday makers here in the UK, choosing to travel to many different destinations each year. Some of us choose to go outside of Europe, visiting places such as India, Africa, Thailand or Australia. Others of us enjoy somewhere a little more local, even remaining in the UK for our holiday. Whilst Spain is incredibly popular, Portugal, especially the Algarve is a pretty desirable destination for many too.
Portuguese dishes
Portuguese dishes
If you're heading out to a Portuguese restaurant but have never had this type of cuisine before, you may be wondering what sort of dishes you'll find on the menu. Here are just a few traditional Portuguese dishes.
Each country has its own dishes and for some, especially the unadventurous, trying something new can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what kind of ingredients are favoured by a certain cuisine.
A short history lesson as to the origins of St Valentine and how he has had such an impact on us all for centuries! And a reminder to Recommend a Local Corby Business and enter our daily prize draws.
How to 'feel good' in preparation for the darker months ahead.
Plans are afoot for a new leisure quarter for Corby to include a bowling alley, two restaurants, bars and a bingo hall, as well as a six screen cinema, the design for which was recently chosen by Corby's residents.
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