Which wine for which Portuguese dish?
14th April 2016
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The Portuguese menu available at A Tasca in Corby is varied and rich. To form its famous cuisine, Portugal has absorbed and adopted exotic herbs and spices to create the master pieces served to you today. Although a fairly small country, the different regions within Portugal have a diverse range of dishes and A Tasca will show you them all.

When you are out to eat Portuguese food it is important to accompany the food with the correct wine for the ultimate Portuguese experience.

Fish & Seafood dishes

Popular fish or seafood Portuguese dishes and those served at A Tasca include Arroz De Marisco and Cataplana de Tamboril. The wine that is recommended with these types of dishes are white wines. Usually a full bodied white wine or a light red wine accompanies seafood and fish dishes well. A red wine that is quite fruity can over power the taste of the food so be sure to choose a light to medium wine.

Soups & Stews

Soup and Stews are regularly eaten in Portugal and is often a popular choice for a meal. Vegetable soups are quite popular amongst the Portuguese community, especially those with cabbage, green vegetables and potatoes. White wine is recommended to accompany this type of dish. A citrus or fruity white wine can be very nice!

Poultry & Meat dishes

Heavily spiced meat and poultry is a very popular choice in Portugal. Portuguese cuisine is often recognised by grilled poultry seasoned with peri-peri spice and garlic. Spicy dishes like these are best accompanied by medium to big red wines. White wine is not usually the preferred choice but ask at A Tasca their recommendation with the meat you choose!


As you can see there are many recommendations with Portuguese food but be sure to ask the waiting staff at A Tasca for wine best suited to your meal! 


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