Warm Winter Woollies
21st October 2015
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There are many people living in the area who do not have the resources to provide themselves with the warm accessories needed to combat the chilly temperatures.

Imagine if you were living out on the cold, no shelter, no way of keeping warm. ......... what would you do? Your first thought is to find a shelter from the cold winds and the elements. Your second thought would be food and water. Unfortunately, one of your final thoughts would be the warm accessories that one needs to keep warm.

This winter is already forecast to be an exceptionally cold winter. It makes us shiver in our seats just reading about it. Imagine being out in the cold?

Human beings lose half of their body heat out of their heads. If there was a way that a homeless person could retain their body heat and stay warm in the elements, it would help them.

How can it?

A simple thing.......... a warm winter hat. This is a treasure for the less fortunate, and yet at the same time, a necessity.

Thebestof Chichester is campaigning for warm winter hats and mittens to help those in need of warmth.

A warm hat, mittens and a scarf will help those in need, and wrap them in warmth throughout all of the elements this cold winter.

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