Top 4 Advantages of Hiring Men’s Formal Wear
4th April 2016
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Hiring: The smart choice when it comes to formal wear!

There are so many reasons why choosing to hire a formal wear garment is preferable to buying one, so we thought we’d highlight a few of them for you, just in case you’re in two minds!













Suits can be expensive to buy, especially if you’re looking for high-end quality or a specific wedding suit cut such as a tailcoat.



The cost of these suits can often feel hard to justify because you may not want (or be able to) wear them again. This can make buying them impractical and not at all cost effective for those on a budget, so what do you do? 

Well, some people may opt to buy from a standard high street brand. The problem with this however is that you’re unlikely to get the WOW factor that you would with the high-end option.




Instead of blowing your budget on buying high-end formal wear, hire it instead!  By hiring wedding suits and other formal wear, you can have your pick of top-end quality suits at a fraction of the price.


You can enjoy browsing all types of cuts and colours, mixing and matching until you find your perfect suit! Although not tailored specifically to you, the suits are always tailored which gives you a flawlessly defined finish that you just don’t find with cheaper high street brands.   














Hire wear companies often don’t book initial fittings for their customers until the wedding or event is just a few months away.



This can be frustrating for customers who, understandably, want to have organised their outfits well in advance of their special day. 

The reason that hire wear companies like to offer fittings close to the event date is that it minimises the scope for additional fittings that may occur due size changes over time. Much of the planning is booked some 18 months – 2 years in advance, so why can’t the formal wear be organised in a similar time-frame?  




By seeking out the assistance of independent hire wear companies, you are unlikely to experience such frustrating restrictions. They usually allow for couples to book their fittings as early as they wish, and welcome free additional fittings closer to the event.















Rushed and impersonal appointments.


Many high street hire wear companies operate a drop in service only. This means that staff are often distracted during a fitting and don’t give their customer the full focus that they deserve. When full attention isn’t given, mistakes can be made. This not only leads to time being wasted, but also money. 


There is a great imbalance in the time and attention given to the bride and groom: The bride receives a full bespoke service in advance of her big day, while the groom usually settles for a limited, often impersonal experience that’s focused more on ‘getting it out of the way’ than really listening to what he’d like and finding the perfect suit that makes him feel as special as his bride does. So, let’s redress the balance!   




Independent hire wear companies like Astares offer private no obligation consultations. This ensures that no interruptions occur and that the bride and groom are able to have a thorough look at the choices available to them. 


With the help of an experienced professional, couples can try on different styles and colours until they are happy. A one-to-one consultation and fitting allows customers to be guided on the best colour combinations and finishing touches available. These might include elements such as matching shoes and highlighting the groom with a alternative colour of neck-wear or waistcoat.












Locating a hire wear store in a busy high street, and then finding somewhere to park!



If the groomsmen don’t live locally (which is more often than not the case), they tend to arrive separately at fittings. This means that everyone has to make their own way; having to find and pay for multiple parking spots in a busy city centre. Nobody’s idea of fun, hey?




Many independent formal wear hire companies offer an alternative. This will often be a studio which is easily accessible from the main road, with free convenient on-site parking. Straightforward and fuss-free, just how us guys like it!


So, if you have a wedding or special event coming up and want to look your best, why not book a consultation and fitting with your local independent hire wear company. For those of you in Chichester, you will find a fabulous range of top quality formal wear to hire at Astares!

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