The Card Counts
18th January 2016
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In our competitive, ever changing business environment, one thing that will never change is the importance of making a good first impression. When you meet and mingle with other networkers, you get that vital opportunity to show them face to face exactly who you are and what you do, but once you’re out of sight how do you make sure they remember you?

The tangible item you leave them with is usually your business card and in this age of virtual connections and digital marketing the business card remains key. It is the vital first impression a potential new client will have of you and the only item they will take away – in fact it is possibly the single most important piece of print marketing you have so make sure it’s a card for keeps and not destined for the bin!

Take a look at your card now and ask yourself: does this really grab my attention or does it look rather like a lot of other cards I’ve seen? Cheap, flimsy and badly printed cards reflect on the owner, portraying the wrong message about the quality of your services. Make sure your card stands out from the crowd and shouts: “I’m a quality business, do business with me!” You may be a small business but you need a big voice to be heard and your card will help you sustain the impression of wanting to be taken seriously and regarded as a major player.

For example, Sarah Matthews who runs a small business consultancy, SFM Consulting, says: “I deliver a high quality and professional service but prospective clients wouldn’t know that until they use me, but when they see I have a high quality, tactile business card with a strong corporate identity that’s consistent with my website it sends a very strong message.” Her experience testifies that you simply cannot afford to appear the same as all the rest.

You might think you are saving pennies by opting for a flimsy mass-produced card that costs you very little but remember perception is everything. Once your card joins a bundle of others inside someone’s pocket, wallet or bag, it gets lost in the crowd unless it’s special and shouts the right message. And the cost does not have to be prohibitive; the extra money you might spend on producing a well designed, quality card will prove to be a small investment that rewards you for many years to come. In fact it’s far less costly than leaving the wrong first impression.

But don’t think that just investing in a good designer to produce a great logo and message is enough. Whilst this is the first important stage of producing a winning card, remember to invest in quality printing too. Skimping on the printing costs is a false economy as even an award-winning design will be wasted if the print quality is poor.

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