6th August 2015
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For families during this summer's holiday time, many of them are opting for stay-at-home vacations. Rather than completing the traditional vacation of travelling nationwide or abroad, a challenging economy for many families drives a course of preference for a staycation. 

Staying at home,  taking day trips out and about, not only saves money, but also allows families to indulge in their own local culture and activities. Families are enjoying the pleasures of various entertainment right in their own backyards, without expensive hotel costs. Staycations can include indulging in local foods and bistros, visiting those places that are on the 'intend to see' list, and really enjoying the sights and sounds of the local culture.

In our busy and fast-paced lives, we gain different perspectives of our lives and our local areas by experiencing them at a slower pace, and a relaxed atmostphere.

Enjoy your staycation, and experience the wonders of your own local community. Your pocketbook will thank you.  :)

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