How Often Do you Contact Potential Customers
18th January 2016
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It takes, on average, seven communications for most people to make a final decision to begin a new business relationship.

We could have a long discussion about why – but all that matters for you as a business owner, is that if you’re not communicating to potential customers at least seven times, you’re losing out on the possibility of more sales.

For example, when someone enquires about your product or service, if you only send one or two follow ups, it’s quite possible that you could dramatically increase your sales by introducing an effective follow up sequence. In fact, the vast majority of business owners give up at just one or two follow ups. They give up way too soon.

Contact them more – contact them at least seven times! You should use different marketing methods in your seven points of contact such as; email, letter, leaflet, telephone, direct mail, postcard, newsletter, social media – and mix them up and try some more than once – get those conversions up!

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