Grow Food in Small Spaces
23rd October 2015
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These Babilon upright farming products can be hung from anywhere, and upwards growing of vegetation will prove a success. With these multi pocket systems, vegetation grows in small, confined spaces along with the need for less water than a horizontal garden bed would require.

One can grow their own salads, strawberries, flowers, herbs, and always have fresh produce right at their fingertips.

Babilon is made out of flexible plastic and very affordable. Its function is simple and easy to use, and yet so versatile. With its specially designed UV resistant components, it protects the fragile roots of plants, inhibiting the growth of bacteria that can be detrimental for them.

The built-in irrigation system maintains an easy flow watering system to all the plants in the specially designed pockets. Strong and durable, Babilon holds all necessities of growing fresh produce right on your own balcony at home. No more running to the markets for your fresh veggies, as they are right outside your own window.

Whether you choose to grow your plants hydroponically, or compost-based, either growing medium works well.

Enjoy growing more in your valuable space!

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