5 Health Benefits of Watching Sunsets
6th August 2015
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Living on the south coast of England offers many beautiful seascapes, but there is nothing more breath-taking than admiring spectacular sunsets. Next time you admire the view, take a step back and realize that you are not only enjoying a spectacular piece of scenery, but are benefiting your health as well. While some of the colours are only fleeting glimpses of vivid colours for a short while, they have psychological and long-term benefits to your health.

1. Increase in generosity. With the busy lives we lead, we sometimes become absorbed in our own lives, and forget about the lives of the rest of the world. Upon watching sunsets, our minds take the time to reflect more about life, therefore causing us to be more compassionate and generous.

2. Emotional Well-being. When people are connected to the beauties of nature, they feel happier and more satisfied. Peoples emotions are more positive, and the mind becomes more clear.

3. Life satisfaction - Appreciating nature's beauty makes one realize that they can be satisfied with life, without any cost or benefit. It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive, or how big your income is, as the prince will enjoy the same beautiful sunset as the pauper. Nature's beauty will always please us, no matter who we are. This makes one feel blessed and satisfied. 

4. Relaxation - To admire a sunset, it allows the mind and the body to sit back and watch the beauty of nature's everychanging colours. You are so likely to get caught up in the moment of Mother Nature's entertainment, that your mind gets a break from fretting and worrying about things from our everyday lives. After the sunset is over, you feel refreshed and renewed.

5. Increased energy - While taking in the epitome of fleeting beauty, because we allow the tension and tightness in our bodies to wane, we are able to take in deeper breaths. This increase in the flow of oxygen throughout our system gives our body the boost that it wants, and we feel energized and enthused to do more after partaking in such an event.

Get out your beach blanket, take your camera and your loved one, and enjoy a sunset. Your health will thank you. :)

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