Back To School
2nd September 2015
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Did you do what you needed to do to be ready for 'Back-To-School'? If not, here are some tips, did you or have you made sure that you.......

  • and your child were in good physical and mental health.
  • keep yourself available the first week, clear your own schedule.
  • reviewed all the school/college information when it came.
  • marked up your term calendar with the school events.
  • made copies of your child’s health & emergency information
  • manage to buy supplies early? If not there are sales on.
  • have those bedtime and mealtime routines sorted
  • turn off the TV & devices, learning is easily disrupted with them.
  • visit the school and meet the teacher/s
  • organise a homework or study place. Discipline works wonders.
  • find a place to keep lunch boxes, backpacks and other belongings

We hope you found this helpful, so you can count on TheBestOf Chichester.

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