5 Foods You Didn't Know that Contain Gluten
4th August 2015
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Gluten sensitivites can make life difficult for many people. This results in the importance of reading labels and the awareness of which foods can cause issues with your digestive system. Sometimes, these labels are difficult to read and understand, whereas consumers need help to better identify where gluten can be 'hiding' in some of our favourite foods.

1. Soy Sauce - Take care next time you visit your favourite Sushi bar, as the sauce that you may be dipping your delicious rolls into might possibly contain wheat or barley, or both, which could play havoc with your system.

2. Chocolate - Yes, our favourite nibbly is not always gluten free, as most chocolate bars contain wheat flour. Due diligence at label reading should be taken.

3. Alcohol - Many beers contain barley, which can make celiac sufferers choosier when swigging into one of their favourite brews. Many mixed drinks can contain grain-based alcohols. There have been studies that have now shown that alcohol distillation processes do not 'cancel out'  gluten protein that exist.

4. Soup - For those warm winter warmers, pre-made, store-bought soups can often contain wheat flour or wheat gluten. With a variety of fresh produce available at your local markets, it's best to make a large pot of your own wholesome goodness. Your home-made soup can be stored in your fridge for 4-5 days, giving warm heartiness on those cold, brisk days.

5. Salad Dressing - Many store-bought salad dressings may contain wheat flour, used as a thickening agent to produce a creamier dressing. For gluten-free dressing, try making your own. A variety of ingredients make superb dressings, such as avocado oil, fresh lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. Your waistline will thank you as well.  :)

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