10 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Her
2nd December 2015
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Shops are filled with Christmas cheer and the patter of frenzied feet are sure to fill the air as shoppers are purchasing their gifts.

It is not uncommon to see husbands or partners wandering around aimlessly, not really sure of what to get that special someone in his life. The cringes of pain surround his face when he captures the pricetag.

Choose from these pain-free items that are sure to put a smile on her face this Christmas.

1.)    Hot Massage Stones – You can create your own mini spa right at home with the gift of Hot Massage Stones. These smooth, heated stones can be placed on the body to provide deep relaxation and warm up tight muscles.

2.)    Bath Bombs – With the choice of so many aromas, every woman loves the scents of Bath Bombs. They are fizzy and luxurious and are sure to make your special someone feel pampered.

3.)    Personalized Double Sided Photo Cushion – Dig out your favourite two photos of you and your special lady, and have a personalized cushion made. It will forever adorn her bed or sitting area, and your happy moments in the photo will be a fantastic memoir of your special days.

4.)    Personalized Photo Mug – Every mom, wife and girlfriend loves to have a personalized mug of that favourite photo. While at the office and having a coffee break, her favourite photo mug will always brighten her day and warm her heart.

5.)    Book Light – For your reading enthusiast, a tiny book light to clip onto her books while reading will avoid eye strain and light up her world. Add in a couple of romantic poetry books, and it will be a heartfelt and delightful gift.

6.)    Historical Tour – Couples in love have a history of when it all started, so reminisce and surprise her with a historical tour of that era. Take her to that first date, your first walk together, where you first kissed, that amazing Sushi place you had found together,  etc. It’s the perfect excuse to literally take a walk down memory lane, full of romance and fun.

7.)    Write a poem and frame it – Trust me guys…………… she will love this!! Pen in hand, speak from your heart. Write about anything……… write about what you love about her, what you see in her, etc.  It doesn’t have to rhyme, just write verses speaking from within. A priceless gift.

8.)    Compassionate Gift……………. Child Hunger Relief, Animal Rescue, Wildlife Rehabilitation……… whatever is her love, buy a donation card for her and donate on her behalf.

9.)    Trinket Box – There can never be the term ‘too many’ used when describing trinket boxes for her. Lovely ornate little boxes to hold all of those special little items .

10.) Book about Inner Peace, Health and Wellbeing – There are many lovely coffeetable books to be found to help boost your special lady’s inner peace and mantra. She will learn to relieve herself of stress,  and increase harmony in her surroundings, and feel truly wonderful.

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