Decorating Trends in 2017
31st January 2017
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For this year, there are a handful of new trends that will entice us to have our much-needed home renovation.

Dark green

Interior decorations are now being swept away with the colour dark green. Pillows, cushions, curtains and even sofas and tables in this color will be commonly seen in different homes this year. This colour works best when partnered with other decorations of white and pastel colours.

Upholstered beds

This kind of bed is commonly seen in luxury houses but as the trend gains more popularity, more and more people are visiting thrift shops and vintage stores in search of upholstered beds. The beauty of this bed is that it can transform a simple bedroom by giving it the sophisticated vibe and Victorian feel.

Nooks and lounge area

Modern houses are now constructed and built with nooks where its occupants can relax and disconnect from the vast realm of the internet. Most people decide to have space in their room facing their garden or a study area next to their small pond to have a place to unwind and distress the mind.

Metallic tones

This include metallic hues, opal- like ornaments as well as authentic raw- cut quartz that can adorn our coffee tables and bed side tables. The most common colours for these materials are pastel pink, blue and lilac. The craze for rose gold items are still a rage for this year due to its versatility and femininity.


Cork is now used not only for flooring but also for decorative purposes. Modern kitchens nowadays have cork on its walls to replace the classic ref magnets where notes can be attached. In modern designs, other decorative pieces such as paintings and other frames can be hung.

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