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A FAMILY fun day featuring music, balloon twisters and face painting proved to be a great way to showcase two enticing new show homes at Earl’s Park in Chester.
Chapel Street: ‘The Bravest Little Street in England’. Author Sheila Brady has been published. It is helping to raise awareness and funds for the charity Walking With the Wounded.
Team collaboration is challenging unless you've access to the right tools and resources. No matter how hard you try, at the end of the day, lack of communication seems to be the number one challenge that your marketing team faces. If a tool can improve team collaboration and communication, it’d, in turn boost your efficiency and ROI.
Home is where the heart is, how true, but making one’s home a pleasure to come home to is important. An existing home can be refreshed and greatly improved by changing the look of it with some artistic tender loving care. For those of us moving to a new property changing the look is attainable, whether it is a pre-owned home or a brand-new property, with professional help it can be made much easier and without the hard work.
Decorating Trends in 2017
Decorating Trends in 2017
The new year usually calls for new beginning and renovations not only for ourselves but also for our homes.
Decorating and painting our home can be a very exciting project to start as we can express ourselves through colours and on how we’ll decorate our home. While it’s fun to undertake the project all by ourselves, we might not get the result that we wanted. There are challenges that we might face such as lack of proper tools, lack of proper knowledge and not to mention squeezing in the home decorating to our already busy schedule. In times like this, it’s better to have a professional painter and decorator to work on your home. If you’re still thinking whether it’s a good idea or not, here are the reasons why it is:
With her new single and video scheduled for release September 15, catch Fiona on her UK tour promoting her new extended EP "What You Want." You can also catch her new single on all TV & Internet campaigns of "Younger" starring Hilary Duff on Sony Entertainment Television
A project that helps young people steer clear of crime is aiming to roll out across North Wales with the help of a Wrexham-based video production agency.
Staff and volunteers from Chester Cathedral have accompanied the Vice Duck around the world as he prepares for the Babygrow duck race this September.
George Marsh will be sentenced for refusing to convert to Roman Catholicism in Chester Cathedral’s Consistory Court on the 10th to the 12th of September.
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