Entertaining children over the Easter Holidays
31st March 2016
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Here are a few tips from an experienced mother of two young boys on entertaining children over the Easter holidays.

Crafting Morning/Day



These ideas below always seem to be great things to do with the children.  It needn’t be expensive to make as you can use accessories from around your home.


- Table decorations (Easter Tree & Easter Nests)

- Easter Egg decorating

- Banners, Masks & Easter bonnets

- Painting, colouring, glueing & sticking


Also take a look at hobbycraft’s website as they have some good ideas, too.





Chocolate rice crispy cakes with mini eggs

As an alternative to the rice crispies, why not try using Shredded Wheat which make great nests!



  • 200g Milk Chocolate (the better the chocolate, the better the taste at the end) - You could also remove some chocolate and replace with a mars bar to increase the stickiness of the chocolate mix.
  • Rice Crispies, Shredded Wheat or cornflakes work well - Try adding some porridge oats for that little bit extra.
  • A packet of mini eggs
  • 12 Cake Cases or more depending



Using a microwave to melt the chocolate:

(If using the hob to melt chocolate, use a glass dish over a saucepan of boiling water, and continuously stir the chocolate, until melted).

  • Break the chocolate into a microwavable bowl, cover with cling film and pierce a few holes. Then cook on 'almost' full power for a couple minutes or until the chocolate has melted.
  • Once the chocolate has melted, slowly add either the rice crispies or shredded wheat and mix well until all the chocolate has been soaked up.
  • Evenly distribute the mixture in the cake cases.
  • Add the mini eggs to each little cake.
  • Once finished place them in the fridge to set!
  • That is it, you should now have lots of tasty little nests with colourful eggs all waiting to be enjoyed!


Try an Easter Egg Hunt


These are great to do either at home with friends & family or at an organised event.  Just make sure you know roughly how many people so you have enough supplies to go around.  You can have some clues to make it more interesting.

Family/Friends Events


  • Day trips out, either at the park, woods or visiting museums.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  Take a picnic and you won’t have the worry of trying to find somewhere to eat or stand in a long queue!
  • Take a trip to the cinema, or go bowling, where you just might some good deals, although it can be tricky during term holiday time.
  • Visit your local gym or community centre a few days or weeks before the half term holidays.  They usually have organised events to keep the kids entertained that you can book on in advance.
  • Take your children to a park to burn some of those Easter eggs off!  There are lots of parks to choose from now and they don't have to cost much to visit.  There are at least 4 good play areas in Cambourne (including an adult trim trail), so why not take a little drive to a different housing area in Cambridge and give your kids a free run out!

Sporting Activities


  • Bikes.  Getting out in the fresh air, plan your route where there’s a playpark & take a picnic, keep the children entertained longer.
  • Swimming. Is good exercise and entertainment on those rainy days.
  • Football.  Get some friends and have a kick-around.


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If you would like to write a blog on your own experiences that you think people might find useful, then please send your ideas to cambridge@thebestof.co.uk - We would love to hear from you!


Good luck and enjoy your holiday time, children are not children forever!


This blog has been kindly written by Kirsty Adams, an experienced mother of two young boys!


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