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6th March 2014
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Anyone who thinks they have learnt everything there is to learn is in severe denial. No matter how old we are, how successful, how many goals we have achieved, everyone benefits from education.

This doesn't have to mean hours spent with your head in a book, tests and exams. Sometimes it's just about gaining a better understanding of yourself – who you are, what you want, the things that hold you back or push you forward. Other times it is about progressing in your career, or moving your business to the next stage by training your staff.

Gaining qualifications

If you own a business, it is imperative that your staff are motivated, able and qualified to carry out their duties. Perhaps you have a currently have a skills gap and are thinking of recruiting someone new to fill it? Why not see if you can fill that gap internally by training an existing member of your team?

Based in Bar Hill near Cambridge, The Qualifications Centre has its own training centre and offers a huge range of courses in numerous areas, such as first aid, health and safety, food safety, Apprenticeships, employability, customer service, instructor and assessor training, business administration, sports and leisure training.

Please click here to find out more about The Qualifications Centre.

Progressing your career

It doesn't matter whether you are just starting your career or a successful manager or business owner – professional business coaching can benefit everyone. Learn essential skills, attract the type of customers you want, manage your people more effectively, maximise your profits – these are just some of the things a good business coach can help you achieve.

We are very lucky to have two highly recommended business coaching consultancies in the Cambridge area – Change Your Thinking and The Accountability Club.

Please click here for more information about business coaching in Cambridge.

Learning more about yourself

The term 'life coaching' may evoke that 'oh no, not like the Americans!' response, but the fact is that many of the happiest and most successful people in the world have had the support of a life coach.

Madeleine Morgan is one of Cambridge's leading life coaches. She is dedicated to helping people overcome personal and professional challenges to achieve greater success, both at work and in their everyday lives.

Please click here for further details about Madeleine Morgan's life coaching service.

So are you sure that your education is over? You have absolutely nothing left to learn that could benefit you, your family and your business?

We thought not!

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