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Gnatta is a clever way of managing your Customer Relationships and progress updates from initial enquiry to order and follow up! Gnatta software offers a automated route for queries and combines all social media platforms to one place, to be easily managed. This also provides your customers a quicker response time and a streamlined process to see immediate updates on all customer queries.

Gnatta is the ultimate piece of customer communication software, giving you complete online control and stops problems escalating due to lack of information. This software allows you to engage and connect with your customers on one platform regardless of the origins of the query and when the query was submitted. This clever system displays all messages from all platforms in one place. It even connects with review platforms and helps you keep all records for customers completely up to date. 

Gnatta are so confident that they can help any sized business, that they are offering a 30 Day FREE Trial! No credit card details are taken and no contracts are signed, you can sign up and be ready to go within 10 minutes giving you complete control. 


Gnatta doesn’t require extensive staff training, and doesn’t mean lots of browser tabs; it offers an innovative and efficient way to communicate with thousands of customers daily on all channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Email and more, but through one programme - easily.  

Gnatta isn’t just for multi-national companies or enterprises, they are here to help smaller local businesses too! Their software can be tailored to suit your needs and is the one-stop shop for a successful online presence.

Companies using Gnatta include exciting brands like Cosatto, Gymshark, CuddleCo and more.

Communication - Social



Gnatta gathers information from across your contact channels. This could be on a tweet, Facebook comment or through your website. It allows you to act quickly on complaints and share positives – you are one-step ahead of any communication with this piece of software.

Businesses can also input specific criteria of communication that they want to be highlighted first (and made priority) before any other, for example - negative feedback, allowing you to respond to what’s important to you.

Workflow Management

Gnatta automatically prioritises your customer queries, letting you focus on the communication from a member of your team. This lets your team focus on what matters, making customers happy; rather than having to dwell on the admin. It’s easy and ensures no form of communication is missed.


With hundreds of Apps and social media platforms, it is extremely difficult to keep up-to-date with every single Tweet, Facebook and blog post – but not with Gnatta. You can respond to all channels through this ONE piece of software.

Data and analysis – business improvements


Increase customer service


Gnatta produces analytics on a regular basis, which can show you how quickly your employees are dealing with any communication, giving you insight on interaction length and interactions per hour, per member of staff. Allowing you to reward those excelling in communication and find suggestions for improvement.  


With constant communication, including good and bad, you can view your company’s reputation on a day-to-day basis through how customers are responding to your agents – down to seeing who in your team is most effective at turning unhappy customers around!



Gnatta also combines non-social communication, from telephone calls and emails; it produces graphs and statistics so you can analyse all pieces of communication from the same data.



Gnatta can incorporate Trustpilot reviews, which means you can communicate with satisfied (and unsatisfied) customers. Through this technique, Gnatta boasts turning around at least 25% of negative reviews into positives, which will improve your Trustscore and conversions.

Want a great reputation? Unrivalled customer service and to be in control of your online mentions? Gnatta is the innovative piece of software that your business needs. 

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