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Making Space is a Bury-based charity which delivers high quality care, support and enablement services to people living with physical and/ or mental health conditions.

Making Space is a charity that's at the forefront of a transformation in the world of secondary health care.

The charity has been established for more than 30 years and helps people to take part in everyday activities and take steps to reaching their personal ambitions. In fact, personalisation is at the heart of everything that Making Space does, as it helps service users to take control of their lives.

Making Space offers a wide range of services from Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to support into employment, education and training. The charity primarily helps people living with dementia, depression or anxiety and learning disabilities, as well as supporting their carers.

The delivery of these services is achieved through the commitment of service users, carers, social care commissioners, housing associations and of course, the charity's dedicated volunteers and staff.


Mental Health

Making Space can provide help and support to anyone living with a mental health condition which affects their daily life. This could range from anxiety and depression to bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia.

Making Space offers a range of innovative therapies and their staff work with approved mental health practitioners to achieve recovery. Services vary from Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to support for employment, education and training.

Above all, Making Space provides a comfortable, safe and secure environment with services personalised to every individual.



Making Space has a very positive approach to supporting and caring for people with dementia. The aim is simple - people with dementia must be able to do the things they've always done for as long as they can.

Dignity and respect are the foundations on which the dementia service at Making Space has been built on. This means that every individual will receive the most appropriate medical, social and nursing care, with a great emphasis on their quality of life.

A Dementia Cafe is held at Tottington Library on the first Tuesday of every month. The cafe is the perfect opportunity to meet other people living with dementia, understand more about the condition, get advice and support from experts and enjoy a completely relaxed environment.


Learning Disabilities

Making Space is also developing its service provision for people with learning disabilities. Dignity, compassion and understanding is central to the support that Making Space provides.

Making Space believe that with the right support, a learning disability need not prevent someone from learning, achieving their individual goals and leading an independent life.



The carers of people with physical and/ or mental health conditions are often affected too. They might need someone to turn to for practical advice, help and support.

That's why Making Space has a dedicated service for carers which offers personalised support and helps to improve their quality of life.


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The Office,

14 Millhouse



0161 761 0362

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