Togetherness - Images of Brighton & Hove
19th September 2012
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Those of you that are familiar with my images will recognize certain objects and subjects turning up over and over again. Well deckchairs and the famous Brighton Pier in Brighton (Sussex, England) are a couple of the subjects I keep returning to. This looks like a set up shot...I can assure you it's not. I couldn't beleive my luck (or my eyes) when I spotted these two empty deckchairs side by side, bathed in sunlight on a very busy and packed Brighton beach! "Busy and packed?" I hear you cry in disbelief. Yup, it sure was. This is what clever framing does and not being afraid to throw oneself to the floor (or beach in this case) in order to get the shot. Outside of this frame to the left and right there were hundreds of people milling about, eating ice cream, eating fish & chips, queuing up for public toilets etc etc. Just in front of the deckchairs the beach slopes away down to the sea... that too was packed with sunbathers, holiday makers, day trippers, tourists and locals. Ask anyone who knows Brighton and you simply do not get an empty beach when the sun is out. This shot was a real bona fide one in a million.

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