The Signs of Dry Rot
9th January 2019
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As it spreads, it eats away at the timber, which weakens its structure and causes it to slowly flake away.

Dry rot can spread quickly if left untreated and must be assessed by a specialist, who’ll be able to evaluate the extent of the infection and advise you on the best solution.

The first sign of dry rot is traces of damp on the internal walls and a persistent musty smell. If your décor has started to discolour, it’s always best to carry out a thorough inspection by removing the plasterboard to check whether something more sinister is lurking behind it.

We’ve given you some dry rot signs to look out for below:

  • Timbers will darken
  • Cuboidal cracking of the timber
  • Fine grey strands
  • Cotton wool like growth
  • Red dust

If you spot any of the above dry rot signs, call the team at Prokil immediately, as your property may be unsafe to inhabit.

What causes dry rot?

For dry rot to occur, it requires a constant source of moisture, whether that be from a leaky pipe, a badly ventilated area where condensation is a constant occurrence or from a damaged external wall.

This means that dry rot is more commonly associated with penetrating damp, as rising damp is usually associated with a breakage in your damp proof course, and only occurs when the water table is high enough to reach the foundations of your property.

How do we go about treating the signs of dry rot?

Here at Prokil Brighton, our team has been trained to recognise and treat dry rot signs. Unfortunately, once dry rot has manifested itself, there’s no way of treating it and the wood cannot be salvaged.

Instead, we will have to remove and replace any wood that shows dry rot signs and treat all undamaged wood surrounding it with an anti-fungal solution which will prevent any spores from taking hold.

If you spot any of the above dry rot signs, call the team at Prokil Brighton today on 01273 258111 and book your free of charge, no obligation survey.

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