New Driver - Car Maintenance Tips for Your First Car
18th April 2011
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New Driver? First Car? Some Car Maintenance Tips...

My first piece of advice to a new driver is to take the time to thoroughly read your owners manual, better still, attend a short evening class on car maintenance.

Most people end up with their car at our service station NOT because there was a fault with the car but because the car was reacting to a lack of proper maintenance.

The basics are all the important things that a driver should do to ensure the long life of their car and most importantly their safety and the safety of others.

By not checking the simple things like oil and water then you will surely kill your car as much as any person would die from thirst or blood loss.

By not regularly checking your tyre pressure you will drastically shorten the life of your tyres and potentially endanger life when the tyre has so little air pressure left that it literally falls off of the wheel, so easy to avoid.

It doesn't take long to get to know your car so you should instinctively know when something doesn't feel like it used to. Do Not ignore it, your car is speaking to you, warning you that something is out of kilter. 

When in doubt, call and ask one of our mechanics for an opinion, it's free and could save a life.


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