How to avoid holiday hair hell - and how to help hair recover in Brighton and Hove
13th August 2018
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Don’t let your couple of weeks in paradise turn into hell for your hair. Here are some simple ways to keep ‘holiday-hair’ at bay while you’re away, and give it a some much-needed TLC when you return to Brighton and Hove.

Before you go away…

This is not advisable if your hair is dry, but if you can’t be faffed to go the salon before your holiday, spritzing well-conditioned tresses with good old lemon juice will add a few natural, pre-holiday highlights to your locks. Don’t overdo it, though! A pre-holiday trim may also be a good idea, so you look your best on those hot summer evenings. Or you may prefer to wait until you get back (see below).

While you’re there

If you’re in the Med, take advantage of the lovely olive oils available there to help your hair. Simply smooth a tiny amount of it (or coconut, almond or argan oil if you prefer) through damp hair to stop frizz. Alternatively, pack, and be sure to use, a hair serum more often than you would normally.  

Remember Bo Derrick in ‘10’? Her gorgeous plaits not only looked great on the beach, but kept her hair from drying out in the heat, saltwater and sand. And you can, too! A thicker, quicker plait works just as well – just don’t forget to pack your scrunchies. And avoid tying up or plaiting hair when wet, as this can cause hair to break. Wait until it’s dry before styling away.

To add another layer of protection, spray some UV protective spray (heat-styling protection products also work well) in your hair before setting off for the pool or beach. Or, for a lower-priced alternative, try your favourite essential oil.

Poolwater is the enemy of hair colour – to offset its slightly greening effect, rinse your hair with a bit of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in water. Alternatively, invest in some silver shampoo – the pigments in it will restore cool-coloured blondes to their previous beauty.

Halfway through your holiday, give tired hair a boost with a hair mask – and max out on its effects by using a sulphate-free shampoo and leaving a good dollop of conditioner on it each time you wash it in between-times.

If you can, give your hair a well-needed break from straighteners and hairdryers while you are away and let the curls come out as your hair dries naturally in the sunshine. Or, if your hair is straight and thin, try using a good quality shampoo with cool water and applying dry shampoo to freshen it up half way through the day.

And when you get home…

Be super-forgiving to your poor, tired hair and help it regain its natural gloss and softness by treating it with a good-quality conditioner for a couple of weeks after you return. Leave conditioner in for up to 10 minutes for a real blast of moisture.

But if, even after that, it still feels like straw, you may need to get a trim and treatment at your local salon. We suggest the following ones in Brighton and Hove, all of which we have tried out personally:

Shine Hairdressing – If you’re after nature-influenced products, this salon uses Aveda, and offers a great cut in a chilled setting.

The Point – Skilled stylists who listen to what you actually want in a handy city-centre location.

HeadMasters –  this chain, with branches around the UK, offers a great range of treatments in a friendly, luxury setting. Feels like a treat!

Of course, these are just a handful of the hundreds of excellent hairdressers in across Brighton and Hove. Wherever you go and whichever you choose, happy holidays to you, and your hair!

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