Fascinating Facts about Badgers
17th January 2013
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  • badgers have short, powerful legs and strong claws, making them very capable diggers

  • they excavate extensive burrows, called setts, made up of tunnels and chambers sometimes at several levels that are shared by up to two dozen adults, together with cubs

  • badgers are nocturnal creatures who emerge at dusk to forage for food.  Although much less active during winter they do not properly hibernate and will still forage in milder weather

  • in February the sett becomes a hive of activity. Old bedding including bracken, straw and leaves appears outside the sett as the badger carries out some spring cleaning and gathers new bedding in readiness for the birth of the cubs

  • Below ground the sows (females) are giving birth to litters of one to five cubs who will emerge from the sett in April or early May

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