Christmas Trees in Brighton and Hove - The finest in the city!
21st December 2017
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Brighton and Hove Christmas trees – The city’s finest! 

Now nearly in December, it is time to think about Christmas trees that will shortly be appearing in homes across the city. Soon it will be time to drag the box of decorations out from under the bed, test out the fairly lights and invest in a new bauble or two. 

But before you can do any of that, you need to get the tree itself. Whatever your style, here’s some handy information about tracking down the best Brighton and Hove Christmas trees for the 2017 festive season.

Why buy Local Christmas trees in Brighton and Hove?  

There are three excellent reasons to buy a Sussex Christmas tree. First of all, local trees arrive in the city without using up too much precious, expensive energy. Secondly, a shorter journey means less damage and stress to the trees, so they look lovelier and more lustrous. And thirdly, it’s great to support local Christmas tree suppliers, keeping it ‘in the family’ and helping our local economy grow.     

Sussex Xmas trees – Which is the best choice for your home or garden?

Nordmann Fir - a native to the mountainous south and east of the Black Sea, Turkey, Georgia and the Russian Caucasus. These have lovely soft needles that don’t drop readily.

Norway Spruce – a European native and the most popular kind of traditional Christmas tree. Norway Spruces are rugged and durable with lovely deep green foliage.

Fraser Fir - native to the eastern United States mountains, this fir is closely related to the aromatic Balsam fir. It's  narrower than the Norway Spruce so ideal for smaller spaces. It also often has a deliciously Christmassy smell.

Potted Christmas trees – treat your potted Xmas tree well and it will reward you with years of loyal growth, eventually becoming a special specimen in your garden, full of fond memories. If you don’t have room in your garden, you could always try a spot of Guerilla planting and pot it out in the wild somewhere public yet unobtrusive.

Mini Sussex Christmas trees – there’s no rule that says you have to fill your house with a huge tree. Mini-trees are fantastic for smaller homes, flats and people on tight budgets. Because they’re the real thing, they look absolutely stunning. And they smell as wonderfully festive as a big tree.

Where can you buy real Christmas trees in Brighton and Hove, Sussex?

There are numerous places in and around town where you can find Christmas trees that are locally sourced in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent.

Here are links to some Brighton and Hove Christmas tree suppliers.

Wilderness Wood. Reserve your tree online from family run Wilderness Wood’s award winning 62 acre Sussex Weald woodland, then come and cut it down.

Brighton and Hove Christmas trees. 80cm potted trees to 20ft trees, and four different species to choose from.

Brighton Up Your Garden. Quality Christmas trees sourced wherever possible from environmentally sustainable plantations.

Northdown Plantation. Christmas trees from the Northdown Plantation at Five Ashes, East Sussex, with more than 40,000 trees growing on site.

Littledown Farm. Christmas gift vouchers and more! Pop in and pick your own tree or give them a call and they’ll pick a little beauty out for you.

Getting the best out of your Christmas tree

There are a few key things you can do to keep your tree looking its best for as long as possible:

  • Cut an inch off the bottom of the trunk to help your tree take up water
  • Keep the tree in water outside for a few hours. This will help open up its pores.
  • Put it in fresh water and keep it watered throughout Christmas
  • Stand it away from fires and radiators if possible – the cooler the better
  • Take it down before it dries completely, minimising needle drop


Recycling Christmas trees in Brighton and Hove

If you have a garden you can always cut up your used Christmas tree into small pieces and put it in a quiet corner to slowly rot down. Wood makes a brilliant home for all sorts of important insects and mini-beasts and urban hedgehogs will probably appreciate it too.  

Otherwise, take your tree to one of the city’s many Christmas tree recycling points. There’s one down on The Level every year for a start. Follow this link for drop-off locations this year:

Information for Recycling Xmas trees in Brighton and Hove, Sussex...

100% eco Christmas trees in Brighton and Hove!

If you’re economising or simply don’t fancy a chopped down tree this year, why not decorate an existing plant in your garden instead? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shrub or a small tree, evergreen or deciduous.

Just decorate it anyway for a splendidly Christmassy display in your front or back garden. Decorate your holly tree, spread baubles all over your privet hedge or tinsel up your potted Yucca! You’ll be surprised how most baubles are completely weatherproof.

For indoor use, head for the countryside and pick up a fallen branch or a bunch of interestingly-shaped twigs. Spray paint them white, silver or gold, set them into a decorative pot filled with pebbles or flints and decorate with baubles and tinsel. Contemporary, cool and very stylish!

Whatever your Christmas Tree choice, Have a Great and Festive Christmas this Year!


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