A great community always starts with a Circle
23rd August 2017
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An inbuilt part of our society's mindset is that one must get on merrily with each day, keeping a lid on your emotions and letting the world know you are 'OK'. Facebook is an outlet for people to express their desire to do exactly this. How many people go to great lengths of uploading and editing photos to ensure the portrayal of themselves is perfect? How many of the people who pictured themselves happy, actually felt happy inside? If they were only to look away from their smart phones to process their real feelings, it could be seen that in existing online, we enhance our existence in reality.

Many people see their living space as being more online than outside of it. Yes, you have comments from online 'friends' and yes people may 'like' your posts but we have to wonder - is living a life online actually beneficial to us, or is it in fact detrimental to the way in which humans were programmed to live and interact with one another.


The Circle team recognises that people seek more human interaction than is readily available in today's busy society.

Where neighbours once chatted to one another across the garden fence and borrowed milk from one another when the shop was closed, babysitting for each other's children and feeling a sense of support; sadly, the community spirit in today's society is different to what it used to be.

Where once people would meet several times a week, even daily, at the local community hall to catch-up and care for one another, now- if people crave to be with others, most would seek a life online, most popularly on Facebook.


Some people who really acknowledge their isolation in the town rely on activity groups ranging from Zumba to Knitting. Church life is a lot about community and churches thrive on the work that their community does together. The problem with this is that these activities are specific to certain people - a Church for a Christian, a Knitting group for a Knitter and so on.

The Circle believes that a community really means a sense of friendship and unity for no other reason than for community's sake. At The Circle in Portslade, everyone is valued and the staff are passionate about reigniting the community spirit of Brighton and Hove. It is a community centre that has something for everyone, a warm welcome with seating, Free Wi-Fi and a Café to meet new people and sit and chat with friends.

There are lots of classes and groups - from Dance to Meditation - and there are fully kitted out changing rooms with showers, mirrors and hairdryers so that you can take a class or join a group with your friends and also stay and relax in the cafe or join the fun in the Circle Arts Centre enjoying the bar or one of the regular events such as a live jazz band or a 70's disco night!


It is also a centre that needs it community to take hold of it and step forward in letting it know what you would like to do in Your Circle.

Would you like to run a group? Would you like to teach a class? Are you someone who wants to perform in the Theatre? Are you a group of Mums who want to see their children in a talent show this Christmas?


Reading groups, Choir Rehearsals, After School Clubs, Charity Fund Raising events, Craft Fairs, Coffee Mornings - the possibilities are endless for community groups and the team at The Circle believe with passion that it will revolutionise the way that we live. Something has got to change. Let The Circle be a new beginning for the strengthening of a much needed community spirit in Brighton and Hove.

If you have any suggestions or questions, get in touch!

The Circle team would LOVE to hear from you! You will be warmly welcomed and are sure to have a fun time! Come along! Look around! Have tea! Make friends! - because a great community always starts with a Circle.

Call reception now for more information or to book a free class - 01273 911331 or email reception@thecirclebrighton.com 

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