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HAPPY IDIOT PRODUCTIONS present a darkly comic, Mel Brooks style parody of the famous D.H. Lawrence novel as Not: Lady Chatterley’s Lover at Rhodes Art Centre in Bishop Stortford on Wednesday 25th October.
Wednesday 21st November 2018 - Rhodes Arts Complex, Bishop's Stortford One of the country's most well known and respected mediums
The star of BBC's MasterChef, Inside The Factory and Eat Well For Less takes to the stage for this brand new live show mixing hilarious behind the scenes tales with demonstrations and audience fun and games.
On the back of a well received preview at the Bishop’s Stortford Music Festival Professor Pop’s Bubble School is launching at RHODES ARTS COMPLEX on FRIDAY 1 JUNE at 2PM
Getting the best out of one’s garden means giving it some ‘TLC’ all the year round, especially during the Winter months. Whilst plants are dormant it makes good sense to nurture them, remove any visible weed plants before they start to surge in the early part of the growing season and clear away the remnants of plants that have expired. In addition, winter allows us to get trees and hedges into shape, and plan what to plant, or remove, as the ground becomes warmer.
Winter can be a very hard time, not only for our plants, but for our whole garden. This is the time that most of the plants wither and our garden’s common residents are having a hard time to survive the freezing temperature. If you’re looking for ways on how to take care of your garden during the winter, you’re in luck as we’re going to discuss different tips on how we can effectively care for our garden during the colder months. There are two types of garden or plants that we usually have in our homes; indoor and outdoor. These two require different ways of care as they have different living conditions.
It turns out that Autumn is the perfect time of year to be planting trees and hedges according to GWB Horticulture
Installing a deck in your garden can help you maximise an area while giving you extra space where you can place small tables and chairs for afternoon relaxation. This is perfect for areas in our garden that has uneven surface or slopes. Before you start your project, there are things that we need to consider first and prepare.
British summertime may not usually bring good weather but it definitely brings great company. You’ll get to plan and do different activities that are enjoyable both for you, your friends and family. One of these activities is building your own summer garden. You’ll get to spend time under the summer sun if it chooses to show its face while giving yourself a bit of an exercise which is really good for our bodies. If we get our kids involved in this past time, we can get to teach them about patience and responsibility.
GWB Horticulture in Bishops Stortford have an exclusive offer to people in order to support local people maintain their garden throughout the year.
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