Tips for maintaining your Garden in Bishops Stortford
28th June 2016
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Maintaining and Improving your garden can be a difficult job to fit in around your lifestyle. Why not let GWB Horticulture take this pressure off your hands?

The gardeners from GWB Horticulture can organise a maintenance package for you to suit your gardens needs and most importantly your budget. You can check their great offer out here!

In the meantime, here are some top tips for keeping your garden well maintained:

  1. Soil – Your garden needs healthy soil in the right places, without it your plants won’t grow. Be sure to turn your soil over at least once a month in order to keep it lose!
  2. Clay Soils- To maintain a clay soil effectively, be sure to top it up with organic compost.
  3. Use quality gardening tools – These are key to keeping your garden looking beautiful throughout the year.
  4. Keep your garden hydrated! Most plants will not survive without water, therefore regularly watering your garden will keep it looking perfect!
  5. For those who do not have time to water the garden, consider low maintenance plants such as: Chrysanthemum or Gardenia.
  6. When planting shrubs, ensure they have enough room to grow!
  7. Ensure that If you are growing vegetables in your garden that they are in direct sunlight.
  8. Control your weeds!
  9. Mulch – great for maintaining a healthy soil! Mulch can be collected from old lawn clipplings or old newspaper.
  10. Get rid of unsightly slugs by using a container full of beer in your soil!

As you can see there are some very easy ways to maintain your garden, however you could call GWB Horticulture and organise a garden tidy at a great price! 

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