Ways of Taking Care of Your Garden During Winter
23rd January 2017
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Indoor plants / garden

Our plants that are placed inside our home have better situations than those of that are placed outside. However, they still require proper care.

Wipe away dirt or dust

This may sound unusual but dust and dirt can hinder your plant’s ‘breathing’ through its leaves. Just simply wipe the leaves and you’re good to go.

Sunlight is still important

During winter, days usually have longer nights and shorter days. Sunlight is integral to plant’s growth so it’s important to place them where it can get sunlight whenever it can.

Avoid overwatering

Plants don’t need as much water as they do during summer or spring. Overwatering them can drown your plants as they grow much slower during winter than any other season. The best way for you to know if your plant needs watering is by dipping your finger into the soil of your plant and if it comes out dry, a splash of water will be very much welcomed by your plant.

Outdoor plants / garden

Outdoor plants require more attention than those of indoors. Additional care is also needed as these plants endure cold weather.

Regularly trim your plants

Regularly trimming your plants can help in preventing plant diseases that might start several diseases causing havoc to your precious garden.

Mulch will greatly help

A layer of mulch will help in giving additional nutrients to your plants during the time when nothing much grows. Mulch can also be beneficial to bulb beds as it can serve as a layer of protection against from frost that can make the soil crack.

Clean around them regularly

Most plants will die away during winter and cleaning up dried leaves or its dead parts is needed. You can also cover some of your plants to protect them from excessive low temperature during winter.

Whenever you need assistance for your garden maintenance during winter, you can always contact GWB Horticulture as they provide top of the class garden services ensuring you that your garden’s health will still be in its prime regardless of the season.

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