A Great Time to Plant Trees and Hedges
5th October 2016
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Autumn has finally arrived, and although many people we are at the end of the growing season, in fact, it is quite the contrary. Autumn is an ideal season for planting trees, hedges, shrubs and other assorted plants. The key is encouraging good root growth. Planting trees and hedges in autumn enables the root systems to grow before the hot (hopefully!) summer returns.
The ideal time to begin planting trees and shrubs is six weeks before the first sign of hard frost. September to November is the ideal time for tree planting because it allows the roots to become established before the ground freezes and winter sets in.
If you would like to plant some new trees, hedges or shrubs, please call us on 01799 543483 and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

And don't forget the bulbs! For early summer colour, we have some beautiful Allium Giganteum bulbs for sale ~ see below.
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