Tips for having a decked area in your garden
3rd October 2016
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Finalise your decking plans

To ensure that your project will have a better chance of going smoothly, it’s important that you have already laid out your plans on how your deck would look like. Your final plans will also determine how much materials you’re going to use and which tools you’ll be needing to complete your project.

Have an assistant

An extra hand is crucial especially if you’re starting to install and assemble the deck itself. At some point of your project, you’ll need someone to assist you in getting all the tools that you need and keeping your deck from falling apart while you’re installing its supporters.

Wear proper attire

This includes safety goggles, gloves and other protective clothing depending on the task you’re about to do. Also, safety helmets are needed if you’re going to use a machinery in cutting wood pieces or several steel bars.

Check for cables underground

Some of electrical cables from your electric posts going to your home or cables around your home can sometimes be buried underground to protect it from unnecessary accidents like electrocuting someone or getting snapped.

Get professional help

There are times that despite of our capable hands, we fall short on the skills that we need to complete our project. In times like this, never hesitate to get help from the professionals such as GWB Horticulture who specialises in garden construction and landscaping.

Staring a deck project in your garden can be a bit challenging but with the right tools, right knowledge and professional assistance, you’ll get the best deck to compliment your garden.

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